Long Term Support Agreements


Gas Turbine Resources offer a broad spectrum of Long-Term Support Agreements (LTSA) addressing Siemens SGT100/200 and TB model gas turbines, earlier also branded as Ruston, European Gas Turbines or Alstom products. Where requested we will also apply our extensive and undertake the life cycle and maintenance management of other types of gas turbines produced by alternate manufacturers.

Our long-term support agreements are directly focused toward reducing our clients operating and life cycle costs over the long term, whilst at the same time maintaining operational uptime and quality standards. 

Our independent status allows us to introduce a wide range of current standard techniques and processes to the maintenance of rotating machinery, a key feature in achieving cost reduction targets. Operating from our large wholly owned facility in Barcelona enables us to store significant volumes of equipment as required for effective LTSA support and provides us the ability to manage and optimise and care for the content of our customers inventory should they wish to reduce their supply chain burden. 

GTR acknowledge that each client may have specific operational needs and that over time economic conditions of their gas turbine installations may change,  therefore the content of our agreements are generally flexible and tailored toward the clients specific needs to result in a bespoke agreement, accurately addressing the scope of supply, the correct asset management and desired payment structure. 

The content of our LTSA agreements may address the gas turbine alone, or more commonly will absorb other equipment within the scope of supply to include the gas turbine package and its fluid systems, ancillary equipment, gearboxes, driven unit and controls. 

To achieve transparency, the roles and responsibilities of both GTR and the end user are clearly defined within the agreement, the objective being the establishment of a close working partnership enduring for the longer term, where GTR as the maintenance provider effectively manage the turbine asset, empowering the client to confidently focus upon their own core business activities. 

A typical LTSA will encompass. 

  • Provision of office based technical support, either by telephone or other media
  • Physical presence on site by technical support personnel
  • Supply of replacement parts
  • Management of customer inventory
  • Implementation of an effective scheduled maintenance program and undertaking the works as integral to the agreement.
  • Parts refurbishment, component repair and life cycle renewal 
  • Equipment health monitoring. 

Please contact us to discuss your long-term operational and life-cycle maintenance requirements.

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